Real Estate Matterport 3D Tours: All You Need To Know

Real Estate Matterport 3D Tours: All You Need To Know

Real estate photographers have moved away from the antiquated slideshow property tours and into the future with fully immersive Matterport 3d tour virtual experiences, so we can visit places from the comfort of our own homes. Matterport 3D tours (also known as 360 tours) allow anyone to view a property as if they were there in person with high definition imagery and a full 360-degree range of motion, giving more control to those looking to book places to stay and find new places to call home.

So what exactly are virtual tours and how do they work? Here is a comprehensive list of everything one would need to know about virtual tours before using the technology for their properties.

A photo of the dollhouse view of a matterport 3d tour

What are Matterport 3D Tours?

A 360 tour is as realistic and immersive as actually going to the property without having to physically visit the location. A 360 tour will consist of a embeddable webpage that users can access, which showcases a 360 degree view of the inside of the property. A user will have the ability to look above at the ceiling and the floor below them, as well as freely move throughout the property with the option to zoom in and focus on specific points to help users have a clear idea of what the property looks like.

Each tour is created by using multiple three dimensional images which are then stitched together to create a panoramic image. This image is then put into a software program that wraps the image into a sphere to create the illusion that the user is standing in that exact location with the ability to look around using their smartphone or computer.

We use state of the art Matterport software to process the virtual tours, which allow agents to easily post such content on their MLS software, alongside their personal websites, social medias, and even QR code links for physical brochures.

Where are Matterport 3D Tours Used?

360 Tours have become a standard for showcasing real estate listings, and have completely changed the way Realtors, agents, AirBNB owners, and investors can can market properties.

Apartment units, houses for sale, small and large businesses, and even hotel rooms can find that using a matterport 3D tour will reassure users of quality and showcase a listing for cheap.

Features of Matterport 3D Tours

Rotate and Zoom:

  • Matterport 3D tours will allow users to freely move around an area at their own leisure and zoom in on specific areas they want to pay close attention to
  • 360-degree rotation allows users to feel immersed within the property, and see up close details that photos might miss


  • The main difference between other forms of media and Matterport 3D tours is user interaction. Audiences who interact directly with a listing are more likely to inquire. Further, being able to select rooms and explore the house will leave a positive impression for potential buyers.
  • Some matterport 3d tours will offer ways to further interact with an area being presented, whether that be objects in a room with more information attached to them or auditory descriptions of the different places within the property. There is even the option of allowing specific items to be played with (doors opening, picking up and moving objects around, etc.)


  • Agents are able to directly customize virtual tours by including agent branding, embedding the tour onto their own site, and designing where the tour starts / how it’s displayed.
  • Audiences will be granted the ability to change the way they are viewing a property, with floor plans, dollhouse, and the immersive 360 degree viewing options being available depending on user preferences and needs.

Benefits of Matterport 3D Tours

No crowds or limits:

  • Virtual Tours are a completely independent experience, so that means you can leave the days of crowded open houses in the past. This solo experience allows users to escape the pressure and noise of physically going to a property, focusing only on what you want to see.
  • Viewers can also experience virtual tours anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Many home buyers use mobile devices to search for properties. Now, they can use their device to look at virtual tours. Users are even able to use VR headsets to visualize these immersive tours.

Concise Information:

  • Audiences are not constrained by having to listen to a tour guide or drive over to a property to view it. Any information one might want to have access to will be available for immediate use, without the pressure or expectation to absorb all of the information in one go.

Sharing the impossible:

  • Properties don’t have to be fully built or even furnished to make virtual tour for them. With virtual renovation and staging options, it’s possible to turn an unfinished property or flip house into a fully built and staged listing.
  • We offer virtual tour staging starting at $30 per photo.

Powerful Marketing Tool:

  • Although a virtual tour is in no way a replacement for physical tours, it allows users to decide whether or not they actually want to visit a location to learn more about it.
  • Virtual tours are a great way to boost online presence as well as get ahead of competitors in presentation value.
  • Many listing websites such as Zillow promotes listings with Matterport 3D tours higher in search results.
  • Many search engines promote listings backlinked to Matterport 3D higher in search results.
  • Listings with virtual tours are proven to attract more clients than listings with only photos or even photos and videos.

Possible Drawbacks:

As previously mentioned a virtual tour is not a replacement for physical property tours, or open houses by any means, and of course they have their drawbacks. If a potential buyer is unfamiliar with an area, a virtual tour will likely not help them. There is no way to interact with the community surrounding the location or get an idea of the dynamics of the area simply through a virtual tour. Some users also will prefer to see properties in person- virtual tours may not be enough to showcase a listing. Finally, for very large properties (over 6000sqft) Matterport 3D tours are not recommended, as many audiences will have difficulty navigating such large areas virtually. Despite being able to see and in some cases virtually interact with the property there is no way to determine the physical aspects (lighting conditions, technology, structural integrity, etc.)

Tampa Matterport 3D tour Pricing:

A standard virtual tour usually costs between the $200-$400 range, however size of property, location, and technology used may very the cost. Our turnaround times for these tours can vary, and are often under 24 hours, however you can expect up to a 48 hour return- once again depending on the size of the property.


Matterport 3D Tours acts as a tour guide, a marketing agent, and a basis for possible clientele to go by regarding any properties you are listing. This immersive, interactive experience is an amazing addition for your business to help make sales that count. Consider using SellFastPhoto for your virtual tours by checking out our portfolio of virtual tours. To get your virtual tour created today, contact SellFastPhoto and get an instant quote!

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