Guide to Stunning Vacation Rental Photography

Guide to Stunning Vacation Rental Photography

When renting out a vacation home, having professional photos is like having a get-out-of-jail-free card. Being veteran property magicians, we fully appreciate that visuals are an incredibly potent tool to impress potential guests. This simple and comprehensive guide will explore the universe of making stunning vacation rental photos. Here are some tips we will be highlighting that can help you improve your property outlook, from mastering the lighting and arranging your property in a photograph to enhancing the images with a bit of help from some editing magic.

Guide to Create Stunning Vacation Rental Photography

It would help if you created stunning vacation photography for your property to stand out and attract more guests. This guide will help you to create stunning photos.

Before photographing, declutter the rental property. Go through each room and remove anything that could detract from its appeal.

Focus on Lighting

  • Natural light is the photographer’s best friend, and it should be taken advantage of much more often. Make sure you pull up your window blinds and curtains and let in as much sunlight as possible. To prevent extreme contrast in the image and register shallow or no shadow at all, it is recommended to shoot on an overcast day or during the golden hour, the period shortly after the sun rises and before it sets.
  • Use artificial light strategically to brighten dark areas without creating unflattering shades.

High-Quality Equipment

  • Some things that help take good pictures include Ensuring you use the best camera you can afford or using a professional photographer. Smartphones offer convenience, while DSLR cameras give sharp and more precise images. This should mainly be used during low light times to enhance the clarity of the photograph by getting a tripod.
  • Especially in low-lighting conditions, use a tripod for sharp and well-composed pictures.

Capture Key Features

  • In your destination, identify features that may make your vacation rentals attractive to renters, and then emphasize them when listing the property for rent. This could be the building design, the location, or specific extras like a hot bathtub or swimming pool.
  • Take wide-angle shots to showcase the room’s size and capture its entire space. Do not distort the perspective.

Stage your Space

  • Arrange furniture to create a cozy atmosphere. To make the nightstand welcoming, add little touches like flowers, towels, or books.
  • Stage outdoor areas by adding comfortable seating or dining furniture to the area.

Shoot at different angles.

  • Experimenting with different perspectives will help you showcase the space. This can help potential guests grasp the layout and flow better.
  • Capture images from a wide angle and in detail to show a property’s overall appearance.

Highlight Lifestyle

  • Ensure you share lifestyle pictures to ensure prospective guests understand what to expect from the vacation rental. For instance, please photograph a family or friends sunning themselves by the pool, a group having a good meal at the terrace, or even a family or friends idling around the living room.

Edit Thoughtfully

  • Avoid overediting to make your photos unnatural. Adjust the photo’s colors, brightness, and contrast to ensure it accurately represents the area.
  • After post-processing, remove any distracting or blemishes from the final product to make it look polished.

Create a Compelling Listing

  • Use your most appealing photos to create an attractive listing on vacation rental websites. As a complement to the photos, emphasize the property’s unique attributes and amenities in the description.

Update Regularly

  • You should update your photos regularly to accurately show the current condition of the vacation rental, including its amenities. Consider updating the photos during the season or following any significant renovations.


What equipment do I need to take professional-quality vacation rental photos?

A good smartphone camera can help you get good results, but since this is a photography contest, it is advisable to use DSLR or mirrorless cameras more often. Also, a tripod, a wide lens, and a remote electronic shutter release would be helpful to obtain stable and properly framed shots.

How should I prepare the vacation rental space before photographing it?

Tidy the area to present it as best as possible when taking photos. Clean the objects and surfaces to enhance visibility, avoid cluttering items, and rearrange furniture. Adding a few more elements to add depth and make the room more visually attractive is also possible.

What are some tips for capturing the best lighting in vacation rental photos?

Take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible by taking photos during the day and providing lighting by opening the curtain. To prevent heavy shadows, take your pictures on an overcast day or during golden hour. Suppose artificial sources can require additional input of light to reduce the dreary look of a particular place.

Should I hire a professional photographer or take the photos myself?

That distinguishes between the budget, which has been set, and the level of experience possessed by the learner. The following source resorts to using the best photographers, and the snapshots’ quality may be low, yet high and sharp; clear photos can be taken with some practice and sound instruments.

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